PROVO, UTAH – August 25, 2010 – LDS Family of Websites, LLC (a subsidiary of Web Solutions, Inc.), an internet retailer of LDS (Mormon) products officially announced that the acquisition of the domain name has been finalized, and plans to develop the website have commenced. The transaction took place through Sedo, a European-based domain markeplace company.

“We are extremely excited about the potential of this domain name. We really feel like it can help our company compete with some of the other, large LDS retailers.” said Brandon Young, LDS Family of Websites president and owner. “We considered purchasing the domain name about a year ago, but didn’t think we were at a point where it made sense. But with the rate we have been growing, it definitely made sense now.” Any retailer of LDS products would be considered a “LDS Bookstore”, making the domain name an ideal acquisition for the online LDS retailer.

“Our business model has been successful because we have diversified, this new website will help us to potentially grow into the book market, and continue to diversify.” Brandon said. The company did not discuss details of which publishers or products they plan to put on the website, but did make mention of books, and their current line of products. Within one day of finalizing the transaction, the company put up several links to their other websites, indicating their push to begin progress.

The WHOIS records indicated the domain name was previously registered to Nathan Gwilliam of Spanish Fork, Utah. According to Nathan’s personal blog,, he was previously the CEO and chairman for and, until the companies were sold, and currently works with The final purchase price for the domain name was not disclosed.

About LDS Family of Websites LLC
LDS Family of Websites is a leading online retailer of products for members of the LDS (Mormon) religion. Since the company began in 2005, LDS Family of Websites has expanded their web properties to include five web-based retail stores including rings, art, statues, and gifts, along with several “micro-sites” used to advertise their five main properties. With well over 600 products, the company continues to expand their product line in order to better serve their growing worldwide customer base. LDS Family of Websites is headquartered in Provo, Utah, USA and can be reached at 801-709-0537, or on the web at