Jesus Christ LDS Art

Here you can find LDS Art including statues, crystal cubes and paintings that depict Christ and His mission as the Savior.

LDS Art – The Birth & Youth of Jesus Christ

Looking for artwork that portrays the birth and youth of Jesus Christ? We have a beautiful selection of artwork portraying Christ’s birth and youth!

LDS Art – Jesus Christ in His Ministry

We offer great artwork portraying the ministry and miracles performed by Jesus Christ. Check out this great artwork today!

LDS Art – The Resurrected Savior

We have beautiful artwork depicting Jesus Christ and the resurrection. Find your own painting of the resurrected Savior today!

LDS Art – Jesus Christ

Paintings of our Savior are sure to bring the Spirit into your home. We have pieces from His birth and youth, ministry, and resurrection.

Statues of Christ

We have a great selection of LDS Statues. We carry several statues of Jesus Christ including the Christus. Shipping only $2.99!

Crystal Cubes

These durable LDS Crystal Cubes make great gifts. We have a wide selection including the Christus Cube. These unique items are laser etched for an incredible suspended 3-D image. For optimal display, place these cubes on a lighted rotating base.